The Disease of Religion: An Introduction of Sorts

Welcome to my new blog.  This one has been a long time coming.  For a while I’ve been trying to decide on whether or not to tackle these sort of subjects but I’m thinking now is the time.  Recently I watched the Academy Award Winning movie Spotlight.  If you haven’t seen it you absolutely should.  It’s a very inspiring story about the Spotlight team of the Boston Globe and their relentless pursuit of exposing the cover up of Catholic atrocities in and around Boston.

For a long time I’ve considered myself agnostic, and not because I’m afraid to commit to being atheist.  I know enough to know what I don’t know.  I consider myself an open minded and rational person and I’m open to researching just about anything.  I’ve always been someone who asks questions and uses rationality.  The concept of religion has never set well with me.  There’s just far too much mysticism.  Further confounding my position on religion are the various fundamentalists that exist.  I’m positive that if you got me in a room with a level headed  person of any religious background I would have no problem becoming friends with them.  The problem comes when you try and attack my views, or lack thereof, or try to get me to convert.  I’m simply just not interested.

Anyone who’s familiar with history will know of the literal bloodbaths that have occurred in the name of religion.  Part of my point for this blog is to speak negatively of a variety of religions.  I don’t intend to leave anyone out.  Pedo priests, opressive muslims, backwards ass baptists, and those fucking mormons.  All are fair game here so stayed tuned and subscribe!


-F. Moniker



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