Hijab Nation



I’ve always been about the freedom of expression.  In this modern day and age people should be able to express themselves however they wish as long as it is lawful.  Here lies a little snag.  In many places women are required by law to wear a hijab.  I know personally that whenever I see a muslim woman wearing hijab it makes me cringe.  (yes I intentionally used a lower case “m”)  A hijab is worn by muslim women as a symbol of modesty and privacy.  It is meant to discourage sexual attraction by covering everything but the face and hands. (In some cases those are covered too.)  I can’t think of anything more unnatural and silly.  Yes, I know they believe it is allah’s will or some such horseshit.  Just the other day I saw a group of muslim women covered head to toe and it was easily 95 degrees outside.  They were sweating profusely, but at least they were being devout!

The required attire of muslim women is just one of the small things about Islam that disgusts me.  I know that there is more than one type of head covering.  I don’t care enough to name them all.  It’s extremely oppressive and regressive.  Perhaps muslim men should be taught not to rape and molest.  They should be taught to respect women not keep them covered.  The very idea is idiotic and small minded.  It shows devotion to a completely out of date mindset that the rest of the fucking world has long since outgrown. (For the most part anyway.  I’m looking at you, anabaptists.)  The next time you think that your prophet Muhammad was so great remember that he had a 9 year old wife.  Yes, it’s true.  Muhammad was a pedo rapist narcissist, but really aren’t all of those wacko religious types?  David Koresh anyone?

It what I’m saying makes you mad then so be it.  Wage jihad, throw a shoe, fuck a goat, or leave a dirty comment.  Doesn’t really matter. It will only fuel my fire baby.


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