What Happens In The Sacristy Stays….



The title was a bit too long there, but you get the idea. 20 years ago it was blasphemy to talk about priests messing with kids.  Now with the word of some very brave individuals the world is more aware than ever of the sick, disgusting things coming out of the church.  The idea that priests and other members of the clergy molest those in their care is not a new one.  The part that is new is where the victim has the courage to talk about it. It is absolutely frightening to try and image how many people never came forward about what happened to them.  How many people over hundreds of years were effected by this?

The basic idea of a human being remaining celibate for life in their devotion to a deity is certifiably insane.  It is also impossible.  It also invites the type of individual that prefers twisted stuff to begin with.  100 years ago if a man wanted to escape the pressures of marrying a woman he could join the priesthood.  Then, he would be around other men who didn’t want to be with women.  Another example is an individual that doesn’t want to marry or be with an adult woman or man.  By becoming a priest he escapes the societal pressures of marriage and is in a position where he can be around children.

My opinion is that a very large number of men that set out to become priests do so for underlying perversions.  You get to sit in a little dark room alone while people confess their darkest sins to you.  People pay for that kind of shit!  These blokes get it everyday because it’s their job!  To further my point a priest that is a little bolder could blackmail someone if their confession was particularly juicy.  You know like say a few hail mary’s and give me a blowjob or whatever.  It’s happened and then some.

Why else would a human subject themselves to being so sexually repressed?  It’s human nature to get horny.  It’s human nature to want sex.  Denying that goes against everything and simply defies logic.  If someone says they want this you can believe that there is something else going on.

Just remember…..what happens in the sacristy, stays in the sacristy.


F. Moniker


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