A Word on the Archdiocese of Baltimore


Perhaps you’ve heard of the new sensational docuseries The Keepers on Netflix.  If not, I implore you to check it out.  In 7 fascinating episodes a group of women break down and expose crimes, cover ups, and corruption centering around catholic churches in Baltimore.  Since the series debuted the archdiocese of Baltimore has set up a “FAQ” page on their site.  They’ve also resorted to petty hash tags on twitter to try and discredit the facts presented in the series.  These actions seem immature and ridiculous.

In the series you see actual news footage of lawyers representing the catholic church.  To listen to them is sickening.  In the last episode there is a hearing where they try and extend the statute of limitations on sexual abuse cases, and the church lawyers once again successfully strike it down.  This is major cause for concern and should alarm anyone within the church with any sort of decency.  A member of clergy committed heinous crimes and the church, to this day, successfully covered it up.  Time and time again they step in and throw their weight around to defend their own.  This is the mafia X 1000.  They have everyone in their pockets, and enough money to spin a damned effective PR campaign to discredit people.

This is yet another example of why NO ONE should trust that old corrupt institution.  They exist only to continue their existence.  They have the deepest pockets of any religion on the planet.  They have orchestrated the mostly bloody affairs in human history and it’s time they do the right thing and publicly expose these pedophiles to the public.  They should be turned over to law enforcement and stand trial like anyone else.  The people within the church who acted to cover up what happened should be tried as well.

It’s 2017 and people need to wake up and pull their heads our of their asses and revolt.

The catholic church must fall.

F. Moniker


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